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When should I start thinking about Bioidentical hormone replacement?
This question is just like when should I start thinking about my own health? If you are concerned about your health and want a good quality of life there is no specific time or the age when you should start thinking about BIHRT. Hormonal deficiencies can be present since birth and that is one reason why test for hypothyroidism is mandatory in all newborn babies because thyroid hormone is essential for normal physical and mental development of a baby. But that area is covered by pediatrician and I would not discuss more about it. But as far as overall wellness is concerned hormones play a very important role in therapeutic as well as wellness purpose. On one hand BIHRT can be used to deal the issues related with the teenage like acne , mood swings, in 20ís for post partum depression, night sweats, infertility, in30ís bloating, PMS, Migraines, Breast tenderness, Fibroids, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, decreased attention span, weight gain, in 40ís and beyond sleep disorders, migraine, hair loss hot flashes, depression, bone loss, bloating weight gain, low libido, etc but above all BIHRT can be used under supervision at any age (excluding pediatrics ) provided there are signs and symptoms of hormone deficiency evaluated and documented with lab investigations.
When a woman stops ovulating and has not had a period for a year, she is considered menopausal. In men, hormonal decline is much more gradual. For both men and women, however, the effects of this decline do not occur in a single instant. Women and men as young as 30, may be affected by symptoms of hormonal decline. Some of these effects include low energy, low libido, slow cognitive function, decreased well-being, depression, weight gain, muscle loss, and even osteoporosis (the loss of bone mass). In addition, women may suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.
It is not necessary to start BIHRT if your physician does not recommend it or is not justified on lab and clinical evaluation. Unsupervised BIHRT or any kind of hormone replacement can be dangerous as it is all about balance.
How do hormone levels play a role in the aging process?
This is a very critical and most important question. Earlier it was the thought that our hormones decline because we age but now it is confirmed that we gar because our hormones decline.
The neuro-endocrine system is a complex network of chemicals between the nervous system and the endocrine system that governs the release of our hormones and other vital bodily elements. When we are young, our hormones work together to regulate many bodily functions, including our responses to heat and cold, our life experiences and our sexual activity. Different organs release various hormones all under the governance of the hypothalamus, a walnut-sized gland located within the brain. The hypothalamus sets off various chain reactions whereby an organ releases a hormone which in turn stimulates the release of another hormone, which in turn stimulates yet another bodily response. The hypothalamus responds to the body's hormone levels as its guide to regulating hormonal activity. When we're young hormone levels tend to be high, accounting for among other things, menstruation in women and high libido in both sexes. With advanced age lower levels of hormones can have disastrous effects on our functioning. The growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, melatonin and thyroid all have specific functions and activities alone and in conjunction with other hormones. The shortage of these hormones accelerate the aging process .Hormones are vital for repairing and regulating our bodily functions, and when aging causes a drop in hormone production, it causes a decline in our body's ability to repair and regulate itself as well. Moreover hormone production is highly interactive. The drop in production of any one hormone is likely to have a feedback effect on the whole mechanism, signaling other organs to release lower levels of other hormones which will cause other body parts to release lower levels of yet other hormones. Thus hormone replacement therapy, a frequent component of any anti-aging treatment, helps to reset the body's hormonal clock and so can reverse or delay the effects of aging. If our hormones are being produced at youthful levels in a very real sense the cells of our bodies are stimulated to be metabolically active and thus we stay young. 
What are the risks of BIHRT?
As with any prescription medication, the pros and cons of using BIHRT must be carefully weighed. Studies show, however, that BIHRT in physiological doses (equivalent to what your body used to make) produce significantly fewer negative side effects than synthetic hormones. Many patients have reported no negative side effects while using BIHRT. By Transdermal application of the Bioidentical hormones the absorption is directly into the bloodstream and the patient can effectively eliminate the first-pass effect where the hormone is metabolized in liver to produce harmful metabolites. This alternative route of administration provides a more consistent and natural way to introduce medications into the body with minimal side effects if any. Although Bioidentical hormones are natural and safe but they are still hormones and need judicious monitoring which makes the involvement of the physician in the treatment necessary. Unsupervised and inaccurate dosing can cause usual side effects as with any medicine.
My doctor wants me to wait until I reach menopause. What is your recommendation? Why?
Menopause is defined as a single day - 12 months after your last period. Your physician's suggestion that you wait until you have passed this milestone reflects an antiquated view of a woman's transition from the premenopause to menopause. The majority of women experience their severest symptoms in the months to years leading up to this milestone. To wait for this single day would be to subject women to a year or more of unnecessary hot flushes, night sweats, mental fogginess, and bone loss. Our approach is to start addressing these symptoms as soon as they appear. They often begin a year or two before the final menstrual period, a time called the perimenopause. By so doing, we can avoid all the havoc that fluctuating hormone levels can wreak on a woman. Our approach is to smooth the transition from normal cycling through the menopause rather than to wait for a somewhat arbitrarily defined date.
How do I begin?
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