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What if Iíve had a hysterectomy? Can AMAYA still help me?
Yes, the Rejuvenation program will benefit your general health and your hormonal balance, even if youíve had a hysterectomy, and whether or not you also had your ovaries removed. (Over half the women who keep their ovaries nevertheless suffer loss of ovarian function.) In fact, the Rejuvenation Program is especially relevant to women like you, given the heightened risks from long-term use of synthetic HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Note that we generally recommend that women under 40 who have had a hysterectomy consider natural hormone replacement therapy to mimic the bodyís natural progression into perimenopause.
Will my multivitamins and Nutraceutical interfere with AMAYA Rejuvenation program?
No, depending upon what you are taking currently. According to the latest observations unsupervised intake of multivitamins and minerals can do more wrong to your health then its benefits. We recommend you stop all your supplements when you start your Rejuvenation Program. We will test you if necessary for the nutritional status and then formulate your personal nutritional plan. It is possible that you might end up using your own products if they are sufficient enough to help you.
What to do if I am on a prescription drug? Are there any interactions with AMAYA rejuvenation program?
The simple answer is no. The Personal Program is all-natural, preventative program with no known drug interactions by far. However, we always strongly recommend sharing your participation in the Program with your primary health care provider, who needs to be aware of any supplements you are taking.
Why do the dosages in the Essential Nutrients exceed the Recommended Daily Allowances?
Studies have proved that our true dietary requirements are much higher than the original RDA standards which were set decades ago based on the science of that time. The RDAís are being reviewed for many years and new standards are expected at some future point.
I have PMS, and Iím in my 20ís. Will the Personal Program help me?
PMS is a form of hormonal imbalance just like the symptoms of perimenopause. (In fact, women who have suffered from PMS are more likely to have a difficult perimenopause.) The rejuvenation program should be effective in helping to mitigate your symptoms.
Iím only 31. Can my symptoms really be perimenopause?
Your symptoms may well be the result of the hormonal imbalances of perimenopause. Many women experience their first such hormonal changes in their 30ís.
Iíve been diagnosed with depression. Is it possible that my problems are hormonal?
We would recommend you to discuss this with your practitioner first. Unfortunately itís common now to prescribe antidepressants for PMS or perimenopause without considering the possibility of hormone imbalance. In our practice we have seen most of patients lowering down the dose of antidepressants as recommended by their physicians because they start feeling better when hormone imbalances are corrected. Please discuss your progress in the rejuvenation program with your practitioner, and whether you can make adjustments in your medication. In no case is the rejuvenation program a substitute for antidepressants for depression. It may be possible that your depression is hormonally based, and some women have reported good results on the Program. Your results may vary.
I want to start Bio-Identical Hormone replacement to improve my health but my doctor wants me to wait until I reach menopause. What is your recommendation? Why? 
Menopause is defined as a single day - 12 months after your last period. Your physician's suggestion that you wait until you have passed this milestone reflects an antiquated view of a woman's transition from the premenopause to menopause. The majority of women experience their severest symptoms in the months to years leading up to this milestone. To wait for this single day would be to subject women to a year or more of unnecessary hot flushes, night sweats, mental fogginess, and bone loss. Our approach is to start addressing these symptoms as soon as they appear. They often begin a year or two before the final menstrual period, a time called the perimenopause. By so doing, we can avoid all the havoc that fluctuating hormone levels can wreak on a woman. Our approach is to smooth the transition from normal cycling through the menopause rather than to wait for a somewhat arbitrarily defined date.
I am a male 52 years old. I exercise four times a week and watch my diet but I still have body fat in my abdomen and lower back region. I do not have the strength and stamina that I had prior to hitting 50. Is there any way to regain my stamina, regain muscle tissue and possibly my sex drive? 
As you mentioned in you question that you are doing everything what is right for you and your body including diet, exercise but you are still not able to gain what you are looking for- perfect health. In this perspective I would like to mention that the male body is no different from the female body when we look into the hormonal interaction. But the major difference is low testosterone levels in other words a condition equivalent to menopause in females also known as ďAndropauseĒ in males. It comes with deficienciesí of other endocrine hormones too but we still focus on the hypogonadism as the classical picture is what you had described in the stem of the question.
Low testosterone levels lead to decreased lean muscle mass and bone density. In addition, it makes you prone for increased body at especially around the waist both outside and inside the body including your body organs intestine, liver etc. unfortunately this further leads to decline in the testosterone levels. And the vicious cycle starts. As there is abundance of aromatase enzyme which converts available testosterone to estrogen you start accumulating more estrogen which further stays in the fat cells and keep making more and more estrogen responsible for pot belly and gynacomastia.
Not only this more collection of fat and increased body mass index decreases your capacity to do exercise and also reduces the activity with increased load on your cardiovascular system, as they have to supply more blood to oversize organs and thus you start losing stamina and feel weak. This further leads to changes in the metabolic arrangement in the body and increase insulin resistance with further accumulation of fat.
Testosterone is not just about sex it has functions above the shoulder also, especially in the brain and it helps to maintain the cognitive functions, emotions, mood and memory. Testosterone is also important to maintain adequate red blood cell count and so low testosterone individual are having low RBC count and thus less oxygen is carried to vital organs leading to fatigue and low stamina.
Testosterone is also important to maintain the health of the vascular endothelium in the circulatory system, to maintain the blood flow and the compliance and no wonder why decreased sexual function cannot be correlated to low testosterone levels as to maintain an erection vasodilatation and complete vascular integrity of the blood vessels in corpora cavernosa (the penile spongy musculature) is required.
Apart from the testosterone there are other hormones which play role in maintaining the overall health as mentioned above in one question that include Thyroid hormone, Growth hormone, Insulin, DHEA, Melatonin and Cortisol. It is a complex interplay of these hormones which affect your overall health and it is not advisable to just focus on one hormone. Ideally complete hormonal evaluation is necessary and identification of deficienciesí and addressing them with Bioidentical hormone supplementation is what we recommend for complete health. But for best effect it has to be in conjunction with proper nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.


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